Spielmann Capital

Spielmann Capital manages individual or pooled assets of the Spielmann family members and their heirs. We organize the holdings and investments of the family and act as a platform to explore further long-term opportunities.

We are mainly active within real estate, catering & hospitality industries as well as IT infrastructure. Our businesses also enable us to invest in philanthropic programmes around the world.

Management & Philosophy

The Spielmann family holds majority and minority shareholdings in several UK and European companies and real estate properties. Spielmann Capital can be an active partner for the companies we are involved with; contributing support, experience and expertise.

We have a long-term investment approach – often over ten years. However, individual family members can also make independent investments.

All assets are managed by experienced experts that have an impressive track-record in entrepreneurship, consulting and managing complex assets. We operate at the crossroads of industry and finance and all board directors are members of the Spielmann family.

Spielmann Family

As a result of governmental anti-Jewish repressions, members of the Spielmann family emigrated from Prussia (Poland) and the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the UK and all over Europe since the early 19th century and we are now based in London and Geneva.



95 Mortimer Street
London W1W 7ST
United Kingdom

office: +44(0)20 8720 7247


Chemin Neuf 5
1207 Geneva